Independence Day, Irritating Songs and All That

Last week was a bit productive for me. I finally managed to make people talk against me and my thoughts. That is something now. And that did make me feel kind of good. I mean if everyone is going to agree and smile at everything I write, it would kill my enthusiasm. You know, all praise and no curse makes Jack a dull boy, on the inside of course. So here I am to explain a bit, criticize a bit and umm, clean the shit (rhymes, no?).

Okay, keeping the funny part aside, let’s look at we got here now. One status that says songs played on the road on Independence Day are irritating got a dozen people swearing at me. Some told me to shut the fuck up, some others declared that it’s a shame that I’m an Indian and some others called me sick. And after all the ambush, I’d still smile and say whatever I wrote in the status was absolutely right, and you’d feel the same if you look at things from my frame of reference.

Yes the patriotic songs are great and awesome and they do remind you of the great leaders. Cool. But does that mean you have to put up huge loudspeakers on the road and play those in an irritating and high volume? Why the hell? It’s Independence day, I can understand. You love your nation, I can understand. You want to listen to those songs, I can understand. You put up a huge loudspeaker on the road and begin playing ‘mere desh ki dharti’, no I don’t understand, please explain. Then you’d wrongly argue that everyone should listen to these songs at-least once. Grow up bud. People have music players in their phones, they got radios and TVs. They can listen it in a peaceful, bearable volume. You don’t have to do that for them.  And yet, what if someone doesn’t want to listen to those songs? What if I’m in a mood to listen to Eminem? I have all the rights to do what I want right? Come on, we are celebrating our ‘independence’. And if you’d want someone to stop enjoying a song they want to listen on this very day, I must ask, what’s the day you said you were celebrating? Now, can you see that contradiction? Why is that? It’s because we’re faking it.

And anyway, what’s the point if you are going to play those songs strictly only on two days of the whole year? Republic day, Independence day and to hell with all that till the next Republic day shows up. That’s how it works in the whole nation, doesn’t it? So why this show off? Just to show others how patriot you are? And in fact, is that how you measure your patriotism? It isn’t patriotism when a bomb-blast kills people in Delhi and all you’re  concerned about is how to get Hardwell’s Mumbai concert passes. You are not a patriot if you scroll to the news about Rooney’s right ankle and ignore the Prime Minister’s take on our relations with Pakistan. Putting up a photo of the Indian flag on whatsapp and writing a status like ‘proud to be an Indian’ on Independence day doesn’t really make you look at patriotic, it rather looks funny and stupid. And so is listening to all those songs on such days.

The whole point is, whatever you do, make sure it’s honest. Grow responsible, and know your duties towards your country. One last word, don’t be a proud Indian, rather make India proud of you. All the best with all that.


One comment

  1. I am a hardcore nationalist, but I shall agree with u here. Ys, those loudspeakers are as irritating as sweet those songs are. I love to play many of them, but I cannot stand the loudspeaker part. Its noise pollution, there can be patients/heart patients around.

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