Casanovas, Bitches and Wisdom

So what would you prefer being called? Womanizer? Or a playboy maybe? Either way, it means the same. Alright, so why do I want to talk to you? Because there is some stuff I’ve been wanting to talk to you.

Okay to begin with , let’s look at this as a brother to brother talk. Yes, there was a time when I was almost as much like you are now. And back then, I had the same exact feeling that you have on your mind. Pride. Yeah, I know how it feels. You wake up every morning with an awesome feeling. There is always a chick in your bed and another on your mind. ‘Bitches’ is your favorite word and every girl who gets under you gets to hear it from you. You wear good shirts and well-fitted trousers, you have a great choice of shoes and sporting some of the latest accessories, you tell the world about your tastes. Now look at that! Why won’t any lady fall for this appearance coupled with an alluring trap of words? So far this makes you look like the coolest guy out there. But how far is ‘so far’? I don’t think you’d run a large distance with this pace and habit.

I mean, look sit down and think over this, you got a hundred girls in your bed and what did you get out of this? Satisfaction? Well, sexually, yes. But what else? Did it a get you a job? Or did your dad feel proud of you for doing that? What’s the use of all this stuff if it’s not going to earn you a living? To me, all this looks very bizarre. Not just because it won’t earn you a living. See, let’s consider that you are the greatest playboy in the world and you have had ten thousand women in your trap already. So technically, you have got ten thousand bitches who hate you for what you did to them. Now is all that hatred and cursing cool? Do you find that cool? And who praises you? A bunch of friends? is that the appreciation you really do all that shit for? I don’t see the point in getting laid with these many women use to satisfy you little image of a womanizer. 

And finally what you stays back is this one question. How long are you going to stay young? And how long are you going to carry those Greek-god looks? Someday you are going to have a few gray hair and a bulged belly. Someday the chicks you want to get laid with are gonna call you uncle. How would you feel then? Terrible, yeah? And moreover, where will your friend be who cheered you for all the things you used to do for getting women in your bed? He will be sitting in his home on a couch, watching TV with the girl he loved in college. He’ll be having a family, a purpose to live. He’ll be happy and satisfied for once and ever. How would you feel when you see that? More terrible? 

I understand you bro. I know you probably don’t have time to look outside this frame of a playboy you have set around yourself. But sooner or later it is going to hit you. You need love no matter who you are and how many ‘bitches’ you have had. Yes, you’s still argue and say that love can happen at any age. But a relationship, it can happen only up to a certain age. And if you don’t think about it in the right time, you’ll have to maybe live with that ‘terrible’ feeling?

The reason why I wanted to talk these things to you was very simple. I just had one motive, to share what I have seen and realized. I’m not your father, nor am I the brother of the girl whose moaning in your bed right now. Call me maybe a friend who just knows what’s right and what’s not. It’s up to you though. Have this word of wisdom and learn from it, or fuck now and get fucked later.

Karma is a strong thing. Take care. 😉