Have an Honest and Peaceful New Year

A guy just sent me this:


While I appreciate his efforts to tell me how much I mean to him through a Whatsapp broadcast message on the New Year’s Eve,  I don’t understand what fucking difference does he think is this going to make to me or him except of course for a special condition wherein both of us are gay and look at any text including, “Dude I’ll need my Mechatronics book today. Bring it along while coming to college.” as a potential indication for having sex on a Doors bed-sheet. In all other cases, such a message is irritating as fuck. No one wants to know what’s happened to you in the past year and why are you thanking everyone who left you including your girlfriend of six years who got tired of this exact ‘save the world’ shit of yours and dumped you.
If, for a moment, you consider the world to be made up of sane people in which case you’ll have to put yourself and the guy who sent me that text in the shoes of ET or PK (suit yourself) and then look at me and my fellow sane  blokes, you’ll see that the world is so much better without your interference of which a major part is ‘filling the world with honesty, innocence and peace’.
Also, considering this very guy who texted me as a symbol that represents all of you who are reading this because I know all of you are that kinda people which in turn is because you got attracted to this post because of it’s title like maggots get attracted to a stinking dump, here is some advise for the New Year:
1. Grow up.
2. Work better on your relationships – that is to say, leave the girl before she leaves you.
3. And stop sending stupid text messages that portray your quantum homosexuality.
Have a happy New Year. Which depends upon  if you seek happiness in reading stuff about war because we are probably going to take down the dictator of North Korea in 2015.


So anyway, whatever. Have fun this year minus the batshit crazy behaviour.