A Spotty Affair


On the New Year’s day Kolhapur woke up to the news of a leopard that had strayed in Ruikar Colony. After hours of chaos amongst other things, the leopard was finally caught only to see it die. Spotting a leopard in a city is a pretty spotty incident and it’s death makes the whole thing even darker. Days after this happened, Kolhapur still isn’t over it. People are still guessing many a things about the leopard – the who, the what, the where and the how. To bring in light some of these facts, I met Mr. Neel Gogate, a specialist of the subject who helped us find satisfactory answers to most of the questions related to the incident. Mr. Neel Gogate has worked for the Tiger Conservation Project which included radio collaring of 10 tigers in Panna National Park of Madhya Pradesh. He has also been a part of the Tiger Landscape Project across Central India that was undertaken by the World Wide Fund for Nature. Since 2007, he is working with Wildlife Tourism and is currently posted at Pench that happens to be one of the important Tiger Reserves in Maharashtra. Excerpts from the interview:

Me: The leopard ending up in Kolhapur was a bizarre business. People are still trying to figure out how did it walk in here. How would you analyze it’s entry in the city?

NG: The most basic possibility in such cases is the terretorial supremacy of the beasts. Leopards come from the family of cats. These big cats, as we call them, have their own fixed and strong territories and they do not tolerate any kind of invasion in these areas. So when a leopard cub grows up, it has to walk out of it’s father’s territory or else it can get killed by the father. In such situations, if it walks out of it’s jungle, it can stray in human habitations.
Before we see the second case,  it should be understood that there are no dense forests on the peripgert of Kolhapur and that leopards don’t always need dense forests to live. They can manage in scanty vegetation equally well. We have the example of the leopards in Junnar near Pune from a few years ago where the leopards where found to have made their home in the fields of sugarcane. In this case too, we can therefore assume that this leopard might have made it’s home near Jotiba or Panhala or any other place on the outskirts of the city with scanty to moderate vegetation and while looking for a new shelter or for food, it may have entered the city without a clue in the dark and at the break of dawn, as the human presence began to be visible, it might have tried to look for a place to hide and ended up in Ruikar Colony as it is quite dense with trees as compared to other parts of Kolhapur.

Me: People were excited at the news of the leopard. The photos of the animal were circulated on whatsapp and facebook and lots of people crowded together to see it. How much do you think would this have affected the leopard?

NG: It affected in the worst manner. In fact, that is where everything began to go wrong. The very first thing was the curiosity of people. They flooded to see the leopard which obviously scared the poor animal. And when any animal gets scared, it loses it’s mind and tries to attack anything that comes close to it in order to protect itself. Every living being is programmed that way. For example, if I push you inside a room that is full of snakes without any hint about it, you’ll sure be scared. Even if the snakes are non-poisonous and motionless, you’ll be scared because you’re not used to that kind of surroundings. You might even, in an act of self-protection, try to kick away one or two snakes that are near your feet. Why do you expect the leopard to behave any different? Leopards are solitary creatures. And when a beast that is used to live by itself sees so many people and such a hullabaloo, it is definitely going to get scared and attack anyone who tries to get closer to it.

Me: It is being said that the forest officers acted irresponsibly which is also one reason why the leopard might have died. What do you think? Also, are there any guidelines declared by the forest departments to catch an animal like this?

NG: The Project Tiger which was started in 1972 by our government is now better known as National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). This body has issued specific guidelines for catching wild animals that stray in  areas of human residence. But since these kind of incidents don’t happen frequently the concerned officials may lack an experience of encountering and dealing with such situations. If you check the records of the last two years of the Wildlife Wing or any other department that deals with the wildlife in Kolhapur district, I don’t think you’ll get to see even ten incidents where they had to catch wild beasts. So the level of preparedness that is expected from these officers is generally not there. To top it, they keep getting posted in different places, different regions which makes it impossible for them to study the wildlife and it’s characteristics from a particular region. So we cannot blame them completely for everything that happened.

Me: But a strong public opinion is that they should have used the tranquilizing gun which would have put the leopard to sleep and it could have been caught easily. What do you have to say about it?

NG: The tranquilizing gun looks like any other normal gun but it is very sensitive. The syringes and drugs (medicines) that are used as the tranquilizer need to be handled with utmost care. If any mistakes happen during handling it and the drug enters the operator’s body, it can result in instantaneous death. We also have guidelines that says tranquilizing guns should preferably be handled by a qualified veterinary  doctor who has an experience or at least some knowledge about the behavior of wild animals. Of course such vets cannot be found in every city which sure is a drawback but if such a person is in a nearby city, he should be consulted and called for, if possible.
In other cases, the forest officers can use the tranquilizing gun too, but if the animal dies in their efforts to tranquilize it, all the blame of the mishap is put on that officer by the public and the media. To avoid this whole situation, the forest officers sometimes refuse to use the tranquilizing gun. Also, tranquilizing a wild animal is not easy as its seems to be. Injecting it with the tranquilizer is the last part of the whole process. See we only know that it is a leopard, we don’t know it’s age, it’s weight, we don’t know if it was sick or not, whether it had eaten or it was hungry, how tired it was, we know absolutely nothing. Morever in such cases the animal is under intense stress. In such situations it is recommended that we at least let the leopard calm down by keeping minimum human intervention around it before tranquilizing it. This would also help the drug to work more effectively on the beast since it won’t be anxious and excited.

Me: Wasn’t it the responsibility of the forest officials to make people leave the area for their smooth operation?

NG: I would rather say it was the responsibility of the people themselves.If people call themselves educated, they should have had been this responsible at least. But as I understand, it was a mob and people generally lose their minds when in a mob. So it was the responsibility of the police to isolate the area of the leopard. People are scared of the police so the right thing to do would definitely have been isolating the area where the leopard was and letting it calm down by letting it hide for a while which would have made the further procedures smoother.

Me: As you said earlier we didn’t know the leopard’s age, it’s weight, and all the other details. Are these details important from any other point of view too?

NG: Yes they are. Look when a carnivore gets older or when it’s canines become blunt, it cannot kill other wild animals to feed itself. Most of the carnivores have a hunting pattern which involves breaking off the prey’s windpipe. As these carnivores grow older, it becomes tough for them to chase the prey. Also, blunt canines make it difficult for them to kill the prey in their typical manner of hunting, so they turn to the easier preys that are domestic animals. This by default brings them closee to human habitations. If we trap such an animal and release it back in the forest, it may come back looking for an easier prey and again stray close to any village that happens to be the closest to that jungle. Thus the problem will continue. Therefore in such cases it is recommended that the animal be kept in a zoo.
However if it is fit enough to survive in the wild, it can be released back in the jungles. In any case, the animal can be tracked by radio collaring for a definite period of time.

Me: In the case of the leopard in Kolhapur, it was seen that it was finally caught by some inexperienced people in a manner that is best suited for catching the common swine. What do you think would have been the right manner of trapping it?

NG: (Laughs)
When it’s a mob, everyone wants to be a hero and then everyone seeks desperate measures to show people how they are better than the others. In this case I understand that a group of people expertised in catching monkeys was deployed to catch the leopard. They literally oveepowered the poor animal. Later on, to restrict it’s movements, they sat on it and pushed sticks in it’s mouth to calm it down. Why don’t they understand that when a leopard is exhausted, even it’s breathing would sound like a growl. Also, it is very wrong to hold a leopard in a cage that is open from all sides and surrounded by people as it happened in this case. People were rushing to see it once it was trapped and the increasing amount of the chaos made the leopard uneasy and more fierce. Wild animals are known to behave in the mist erratic fashion when caged and surrounded by people. In such conditions, the animal tries to dash it’s head against the bars of the cage in order to break it and ends up with serious damage to it’s skull and face. That can also cause the beast’s death. It is therefore advised that as soon as yhe animal is trapped, it should be isolated. It is also recommended that the cage should be covered with black plastic sheets so that it cannot see the surroundings and that helps it calm down in a better manner.

Me: What would you suggest the readers to do if they happen to be a part of such a situation hereafter?

NG: I would only suggest them to stay calm and let the poor animal wend it’s way. Stay indoor. No animal is going to enter your living room and pounce on you. So without being a part of a mob, it is always better to stay away from the scene and let the concerned officers do their work in the perfect conditions.

Me: Thank you very much for sharing this very valuable information with us. It was nice talking to you.

NG: (Smiles)
You’re welcome.


The Art of Writing

One of my friends is a douchebag. That’s his own opinion about himself. He calls himself self centered, his girlfriend calls him self centered, and now since I have a chance here, yes, he is feckin’ self centered. (I picked up the ‘feckin’ from Marian Keyes. It satisfies my desire to say ‘fuckin’ and at the same time, doesn’t sound vulgar. I love Irish people.)
So yeah, this douchebag friend of mine asks me pretty often why and how can people, that’s you, read my blog? In his own words, “Why would they be interested in knowing what’s going on in your mind? Why would they read an article about who you are?” I used to find this question pretty legit in the beginning because if you look at it first-hand, it would puzzle you too. Why would anyone want to read what’s going on in your mind especially when they can do sixty eight thousand three hundred and ninety six better things rather than reading your post? A few days ago, I was reading a lady’s blog post when I found out the reason why would they.
It was her perception of what would have made Somerset Maugham tear off the pages of a book while reading it and riding a camel in a desert.  Honestly, I’m not interested in Somerset Maugham or camels or deserts. Nor am I interested in acquiring the art of tearing off the pages of a book while riding a feckin camel in a feckin desert. But nonetheless,  I read the article. And I read it till the end and enjoyed it. Because she had put some nice punches in between, because every line I read out of that post made me crave for more of it. Because she had told it nicely. Because when one writes, that is what matters the most. It’s the way you tell the story that makes the difference. If you’re going to keep your reader engaged in your story, even better – if you’re going to make them visualize it, they’re definitely going to read it and like it.
And it’s not always necessary that you begin talking about one thing and keep talking about it till the end to sound interesting. If you go to your readers page now and look at any of the posts from the blogs you follow,  you’ll see that most of them will have the word ‘I’ or ‘my’ in the opening sentence. Which means all of them have a story to tell and its not extraordinary and doesn’t talk about a shepherd named Santiago following his dream or a wealthy man looking for the love of his life. And yet, you read those. You follow them and what they have to say because they tell it in a manner that is attractive.  That’s why regardless of how much their post is about themselves, or their experiences or about the people they know,  you read and like it. In fact,  if you see how I began this post, you’ll find that its no different and then you’ll also see that I began telling you about my douchebag friend and at this point, the post has become a serious talk about writing and you’re still reading it because you have liked it. As far as this point ‘.’ At least.
I am writing this today because if someone out there feels skeptical about their writing like I did about mine, I want them to know that it’s never so bad to tell others how you feel as long as what you feel is really interesting or at least you tell that in an interesting manner.
And after this,  if you’re still wondering “why would they want to read what’s going on in my mind if I don’t want to read what’s going on in their mind”, it’s just a kind of prejudice you have about others. You believe that they’re all the same kind of people like you are. Or wait, I would rather answer that with a stanza from my favorite Hindi song:
Maine yeh bhi socha hai aksar
Tu bhi main bhi sabhi hai sheeshe
Khudhi ko hum sabhi mein dekhein
Nahin hoon main hoon main toh phir bhi
Sahi galat, tumhara main
Mujhe paana, paana hai khud ko
It says,”I have often thought about this that you and me and all of us are mirrors. So when we look at each other, we see ourselves. I’m not who you think I am. Then how can you judge me if I’m right or wrong? (Breaking free from this prejudice) I want to find and seek myself.”
Bottom line, don’t judge your readers and don’t think much about how and why would they find it interesting.  Just write and they’ll read.

“We Had So Crazy Fun Ya…”

Nope. I didn’t say that. One of the two girls who are my friends did when she was talking about how much fun she had at this house ‘paaaady’ the other day.
Last week two of my friends called me up to go on a long drive with them. I was reluctant to go because seeing one girl driving and another girl sitting beside her to help her is the worst thing that can happen to a guy in the back seat. But one of these pretty ladies was hell-bent on proving how good she was at the wheel and I had to go.
Amidst too much gossip and too many near-death experiences, I was sitting like a fool but I like to think it was rather stoical so yeah, I was sitting like a stoical guy listening to everything right from “That guy? He is such a despo ya.” to “That girl? She is so bitchy ya.”
I memorized some stuff from their conversation and here are some of their opinions about random things.

One Way Traffic
“Why are these people driving so stupidly ya?”
“Seriously! (In a sardonic tone) Why are all of them coming towards us like they are running away from something?”
“Hahhahaha you’re so funny ya!”

Yamaha R15
“See there’s a R15!”
“Gosh! Yeahhh!! I love that bike! But they need to elevate the back seat ya.”
“Hahha why baby? The heater touches your feet?”
(I interrupted here)
Me: “Bikes don’t have heaters.”
“They have ya! Like R15 has at least!  Its that large thing near the driver’s feet! The odd shaped heater. You dunno?  And you call yourself an engineering student?”
Me: “It is called the engine of the bike.”
“Will you shut up? I’m tryna drive okay?”

“I don’t feel like marrying guys these days.”
“Why sweety?”
“They’re so boring ya! All Indian guys are like, so boring.”
“Awww. Why don’t you look for the Danish guys in your college?”
“They’re boring too. I dunno ya. I’m like, am so bored.”
“You need some change I’m telling you.”
“Hmmm. I wanna get married ya.”

My Ex-Girlfriend
“I saw Neha the other day.”
“Look at him! (Pointing towards me like I am 2300 feet away) Look how he is blushing!  You still like her dude?”
Me: “Nope. I am not blushing. I got over her long ago.”
“You’re so stupid ya. You should get over her.”
Me: “I said I am over her.”
“You’re such an emotional lil baby! I’m telling you,  you should find a new girl and forget her.”
Me: “I said I am OVER HER!”
“I’ll hook you up with one of my friends. She’s superrr hot and single! Okay? I’ll help you get over her dude!”

Getting Drunk
“I boozed! I boozed!! I boozed!!!”
“Yippee! But you didn’t tell me ya. That’s so mean!”
“Awww sowwie hunny, I was at a house paaady on the 31st December and some people insisted and I was like no and they were like yeah and so I got a liddle drunk.”
“Hmmm whatall did you drink?”
“Two vodka shots and cranberries.I was so high! We had so crazy fun at the paaady ya!”

Road Turns
Me: “U-turn from here.”
“Don’t teach me how to drive okay? ”
(Then she took left)
“Where we at gosh! I dunno this road!”
Me: “I told you we had to go back.”
“No you didn’t!”
Me: “I told you to take a U-turn and you told me to not teach you how to drive.”
“Damn why had you gotta say you turn? I turned dang left! What’s my mistake?! It’s your mistake!”

Why Gay Men Lose Respect From Straight Men


That’s why.
A couple of days ago I got a friend request from a guy on facebook and because there were no mutual friends between us at all, the first thought that went across my mind was that he must be one of my blogs’ readers from somewhere because yeah that happens a lot. I get friend requests from my readers and I do add them. And therefore, I added this guy too. So after a few messages about how I was and what was up with me, he began asking me about Kolhapur (that’s the city I live in) and said he was visiting the place soon and stuff. His rant went on about a million things  but there was no mention of the blog or reading or anything that could give me an idea about why did he send me a friend request. So I knew this bloke wasn’t a reader after all. Things began to look wrong when he began ‘waiting’ for his dear friend’s, that’s my, messages yesterday and a couple of hours ago when he told me that he was gay and had added me to see if he could get fucked, I could see just how gross and wrong things were.
I don’t have a problem with his being gay at all. And I won’t have posted this article with this title had he been just gay and not wanting me to play with him through the gloryhole. Other words, this post isn’t a hate speech lest you would have grounds to believe so. But since he said things that he shouldn’t have, I find it necessary to to tell all the male gay culture out there that it’s highly inappropriate to check your chances with a straight guy especially when you know that he is straight and wouldn’t want to have gay sex with you at all. I know one or two gay guys and I respect them as people because they’re respectable towards me and talk to me like any other person would. However the way this man approached me on facebook makes me feel a little skeptical about my friendship with those guys. Of course I know one person’s mistakes shouldn’t make me blame the community but look you guys are coming out and the world is accepting you. Even when a lot of  people are against the LGBT thing, there are others like me who support you. But the way some of you are talking to strangers who are straight guys is pretty appalling and downright vulgar.
Just because men are not little crying babies or because they don’t make much noise doesn’t make them valid to try out your chances on them. I respect everyone’s sexuality and I respect LGBT communities too. But respect, personal or about someone’s sexuality, is a two way process. It should come from you as much as it comes from me. The first step towards it would be stopping taking men for granted. And that goes out to everyone including women. Because when I told my girlfriend about what happened, this was her reaction: “You would have jumped in joy if it were a girl saying that.”
“Why do you think that?” I asked.
“Because guys are like that. It’s not just about you. Any guy would jump in joy if a girl texted him stuff like that”, she said.
Of course I would jump in joy and 80% guys would do the same because yeah banging chicks is quite a thing for guys sure. But why do you have to tag all guys as ‘sex hungry blokes frantically looking for a chance’ ? That’s not the case. Even if 80% guys would jump in joy, there are the rest of us who would sit down and hate that some girl is taking them for granted to have sex with her. Even I won’t want to bang a girl if she’s like this:


Yeah no guy can take that amount of silicon. No ways.

So stop assuming that men are a bunch of creatures with a stereotypical, sex-hungry mindset about them. And to the homosexual guy, learn to have some respect towards your straight fellows, bro.

Are You Charlie?


This post is basically for everyone across the globe who lives in a secular nation or any nation that is a blend of a variety of religions and cultures.
There are some lessons we need to learn from the Charlie Hebdot incident and the most substantial of all those is, I believe, conditioning the society to tolerate. Above everything else, above the need to eradicate the Jihadis and the extremists, what we need is a society that can tolerate an individual’s freedom of expression. It is one thing to say this but in deed, it is smothered in a million ways by a million people. How, I will tell you through this example.
In India, which is a secular nation with a Hindu majority, this tolerance to an individual’s freedom of expression is taken and interpreted in a context that is convinient for the politicians and their vote banks. There is a little pesky thing called ‘hurt sentiments’ which has seen an enormous rise in India in the recent years. Anything like a movie or a painting or a speech, anything that is displayed publicly on a general social platform that seems poignant and pointy to a particular religious group immediately ‘hurts their sentiments’. Then we often have funny situations where Hindus protesting for their hurt sentiments is called “an attack on the freedom of expression of an individual” but if the minorities do the same, it is always considered to have genuinely hurt their sentiments.  I am a Hindu but I am not supporting the Hindus’ protests against someone hurting their sentiments in anyway because glorifying the picture of things seen through relgious points of views is the gateway to extremism which in turn is a gateway to terrorism. What I’m saying is here in India, we are people who believe that a religion in majority should be kept under strict surveillance of the government and if they protest because their sentiments are hurt, they should be constantly reminded of the freedom of expression of others whereas if the minorities protest for the same reason,  it is considered legitimate because they’re the minority and the freedom of expression doesn’t hold any importance in such cases. I am okay and in fact satisfied with the former part.  What I am not okay with is the latter part where we readily accept the minorities’ demands to ban things that hurt their sentiments overlooking the liberty of expression of an individual. That’s the misinterpretation of tolerance and freedom of speech I’m talking about.
Then we have a caste among the Hindus called the Dalits who cringe about every single thing that looks like a problem to them. Since the Dalits are a part of the minority,  the government seems to caress them like they’re a child and that is where they begin to become the problem child.
The Dalits have a problem with everything that the non-Dalits do. Calling a Dalit a Dalit is a crime by law because ‘it hurts their sentiments’. If you ban a bad government officer and he is a non-Dalit, the good government is doing a good job. But if that bloke is a Dalit, “you are doing this deliberately to insult us and to isolate us from the society. This is a conspiracy.”
This way,  the Indian minorities are not just thwarting an individual’s freedom of expression,  they’re also trying to bend the government and the system as a whole to their frame of convenience. And all this because they have the golden key to sympathy: “we are Dalits.”
If this goes on, it will one day open the gates to another incident like Charlie Hebdot. Only, it won’t be the Islamic extremists doing it in France because of a pencil sketch. It might happen at the hands of any religious minority in any secular nation because “you hurt our sentiments.” Probably in India.
The lesson to be learnt from Charlie Hebdot is therefore to program the society in such a manner that no religion or caste, no ethnic groups, and no races would have a problem with someone trying to say something even if it’s going to prick them a little. We all need to learn to be tolerant. And this isn’t just for India. As I said in the very beginning, it is basically for all the people from all the nations in the world that harbor a blend of cultures and religions within themselves.
So if you have already tweeted or written a facebook post saying “I am Charlie”, ask yourself if you can tolerate things expressed about your community and your people regardless of the fact whether it pricks you or not and if your answer is a ‘yes’, you are Charlie.


When Should You Stop Stoning?

I wish I could write never and go back to swiping left on Tinder, but since I haven’t written ‘never’ in the context I wanted to, you should know by now that never stopping stoning isn’t an ideal thing to do after all.
While writing this, I’m assuming that you know the fun of the high. Weed helps you relax, it makes things reaaaaally sloooooow, and your thoughts go deeper than you anticipate them to. So you tend to do it for ‘fun’. Then one day, you watch a stupid movie like ‘21 and Over‘ after a good session and you actually enjoy the movie. And when you’re back to normal, you have got that key to seek more fun out of things that are otherwise just ‘okay’ : smoking a blunt before doing it. So now you do weed more often than you had decided when you first smoked it but you are telling yourself, “Come on man, I’m not addicted to it. I’m not ‘on the grass’, I’m just doing it for fun.” Then funnily you always find yourself looking for fun. Then this is how your mind talks to you :
Mind: Wanna go to the movies?
You: Yeah.
Mind:Wanna enjoy the movie?
You: Yeah.
Mind: Roll a joint!
Mind: Want to study?
You: Yeah.
Mind: Want to concentrate better?
You: Yeah.
Mind: Roll a joint!
These are just two examples. You can put all the things in your life in the place of ‘movies’ and ‘studying’ up there and yeah, I won’t deny it – you will enjoy all those things and understand them better because marijuana fun. The worst part comes here. Since its fun and since there are sixty million people out there who love to have this fun and since there are always some in your college, somehow, you guys become friends. Then you form a kind of group with them and begin to avoid other people who don’t do weed because they’re “such a tartar” and “they look at me like I’m a fuckin criminal!” (One of my friends avoids me and many of his other friends because none of us do Meth).
So this destroys your social life and you become ‘that weirdo’ in the  conversations of your college friends and football team-mates. Then you cringe that the world hates you and seek solace in weed because it keeps you away from the shit of real life.
Then one day, you die. Not because of weed. Yeah, full points to the herb for not killing anyone ever. But you’ll get old and die. And trust me, you don’t wanna die without friends and be remembered, if you’re ever remembered, as ‘that weirdo, he was a good bloke’. So yeah, whatever. Stop stoning if you’re a stoner already. If you’re a newbie, bookmark this page, do whatever you want to do listening to Bob Marley right up to the point where you feel like, ‘I’m just doing it for fun’. Then open this article and save yourself from having a destroyed social life. Till then, have a good time with Mary Jane.

Loose Thoughts

It has been an exceptionally long day and though it hasn’t been really eventful, if eventful can be defined as something that people love to hear about, I feel like putting up this post today because I just want to talk to someone and I have chosen you, reader. I don’t know what am I going to rant because I once read somewhere about this thing called stream of consciousness and I had written something on those lines in Solitude and on this particular Sunday evening, I just feel like doing it again.
Right now I’m sitting in my room holding back my pee because I have decided that I’ll go to the bathroom only when I finish this post. That’s the kind of promise you make to yourself on a quiet evening when you’re sitting home like a jobless bloke and all your friends are smoking blunts and doing all things that are cool and you’re the only one left out.
‘Blunts’ reminds you of something. You get up and open your drawers and after a little frantic search for what you’re looking, you find it. ‘Keep Off The Grass’, a novel your mom bought for you. She might have got it for you without anything on her mind but you’re scared if she knows that you are on the grass and wants you to get over it. To put away that terrible thought, you put away the book and grab the first thing you see in the now unkempt drawer. It’s a book. Mansfield Park. Your ex-girlfriend gifted this one to you because once, very casually, you had told her that it’s on your to-read list. You open it and see her handwriting on the first blank page: “I hope every page of this book reminds you of me. Happy reading.”


Yeah I hope I do, you say. You haven’t even read one word out of it yet. It’s been over a year since its lying there, untouched. A lot has happened in the meantime. You have passed another year of college, you have made new friends, you have spent more time with them than you should, you have taken your girlfriend for granted, denied giving her your time and attention that she deserves, you have broken her heart and so, in turn, she has left you, breaking yours. There are a very few things left from the spoils of the relationship now and this book is one of those.
Then something dawns upon you. You probably have been a rough man like she used to say in the final days of your relationship. You look at yourself in the mirror for a moment, then you look at the book again. There is something going on in your mind. In one swift move, you grab your phone and call her. But this isn’t a movie or a novel, this is your real life and so, she doesn’t receive it. You have to call her thrice before realizing that she isn’t going to talk to you after all.
So all you’re left with now is this book and some images of her recurring in your mind. You still love her but is it too late? You don’t know. All you want to do at the moment is read this book and think about her. And just when you’re about to open it and begin reading, a feeling inside you says, “Shall we go to the washroom first?”