So lets get it straight. Beards are awesome. There is no denying the fact that a heavy stubble or a full grown beard makes a man look more masculine than anything else can. A beard is a sign of a patient man and so it can be safely said that a person who can carry a beard responsibly, can carry anything else in the same manner. This and a million other reasons make it obvious that every man out there wants to fit in the league of the extraordinary gentlemen who sport some facial hair.
But a beard, unlike a sports car or a yatch, cannot be bought. There is no way you can wish that you want a beard and take efforts for it or spend an awful lot of money to get the right-sized natural beard. A beard has to grow. And even before that, it has to be there. A beard is either going to be there or it isn’t. There’s no in between. And that is why the only thing you can count on while wanting a beard is sheer luck.


A full grown beard

So let’s face the music. There are a lot many guys who have beards and there are many others who have been unfortunate in this region. If you are one of the latter, this post is for you. I have seen the mess made by facial hair that aren’t anywhere close to beards all over the internet. Scanty  sideburns, light scruff, non-existent goatee are all over instagram and facebook with the hashtag ‘beard’. But look bro, as much as you would hate to call Selena Gomez busty, the world would hate to call the discreet hair along your jawline a beard.
A beard is a big deal. You cannot bluff in this region. And then there is this one thing I want you to know after all this. Not having a beard isn’t a crime. Not having a beard isn’t going to keep you single forever.  Not having a beard isn’t shameful. Not having a beard isn’t a million things that you fear. Because there are people who might sport a good beard but not have most of the things that you posess and envy you for it. Especially if you’re Bruce Wayne. On a serious note though, all that I’m saying holds true in all cases and a beard isn’t the last best thing on planet earth. So if you’re one of those blokes for whom facial awesomeness has been nothing but a broken dream, get a razor and cut off the remaining scruff that leads  you into a delusion.
Because even if a beard is one of the best things a man can possess, not having one will not make you any lesser man. If anything will, it’s faking it.


If you are a person capable of growing a beard but aren’t,  it’s a real shame. Period.


How To Deal With Passion?


I have a fair idea of how odd the question in the title might sound because many of you would say, “is there even a know how to deal with passion? There is only either passion or no passion in one’s life. That’s how simple it is.”
But first let’s see what passion really means. Can reading be your passion? Kind of. Can collecting aged wines and putting them in a cellar be your passion?  Pretty much yes. The real sublime form of passion is however, a slightly different thing. It is the kind of passion that you have towards an activity which finally leads you to create something,  like a piece of literature,  or music, or an industry. Passion is that large ball of burning energy that sets your heart and brain and the whole of your body to do that particular thing in a sort of unusual madness.
I love writing. It is my passion. So one fine day, while I was sitting scribbling some words, that very passion led me to do something more solid, to begin writing this blig. It wasn’t planned. It happened quickly in one moment of a mad zeal to write and keep writing and let others read it. That’s how I set up this blog. The first month was wonders. There was enough passion to keep me ignited and to keep writing madly. But over a matter of time, over months, it became difficult and the writing reduced from a continuous stream of articles to a few posts a month. There was the same kind of passion to write sure, but I lacked the efforts I needed to sit down and think and really have a structure made up of what I was going to write before putting the pen to the paper because i thought why have I got to do this anyway? That was where I encountered the real problem with passion. It drives you in the madness without letting you a chance to consider other related things and after the initial burst of energy has been used up, it stays there making you feel doubtful about your purpose ro do it. That’s the problem with passion.
It can grow in your heart and transform you completely from within but after having done that, it ceases to lead you anywhere leaving you like a clueless mad man in the middle of nowhere. So every time I come across people who say, “Man I should have had some passion like you have towards writing”, I feel funny in my shoes. They have envied me for an absolutely wrong thing. Not having a passion is always far, far better than having a passion without knowing what to do with it. It is dangerous because it can potentially destroy the whole of your life. My uncle from my mother’s side had a passion for a dance. He loved break-dance and was the finest dancer in the whole city in his times. Only, he didn’t know what to do with it. All he knew was that he loved dancing and had got to keep dancing for the sake of it. There was a lack of purpose. So when all the twisting and twirling didn’t seem to take him anywhere,  it broke his heart and he got on the sauce. Today all he does is drink like a fish and spend large sums of borrowed money on lying in hospital beds. That’s how bad lya huge reservoir of passion with no purpose affect your life.
So how to deal with passion? The first thing you have got to do is pair up hard work with your passion and make sure both these things always, always stay together. Just passion will never take you anywhere because to get somewhere, you need efforts. A passion to start off walking on a journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first few energetic steps, then the problems begin to arise. So there will be times when passion will beat you down to a sulky, bored person by making you realize the necessity of how much more you need to work than you had ever anticipated. It will be a phase and will last for any amount of time depending on how worse can it mess with your mind. It will make you feel tired and not want to take any more efforts and it will make you question why isn’t the intense passion getting you anywhere because at that moment you’ll only be a large ball of brimming potential energy. I have often faced it, been through it in long sessions of sitting with a blank paper and pen ans wanting to write something very intensely but not knowing what exactly should I write. Euphemism has given us writers the liberty to call it “the writer’s block” which is nothing but fatigue from having worked too hard that ceases the writer from wanting to work harder.
Don’t let that happen to you. In phases as such, keep working scarcely with your passion but don’t ever stop. That’s how you’ll redeem the lost zest and again begin loving what you’re doing in spite of the incredible efforts. It will then take you to new heights.
Passion is a gift. Its a privilege. All you have got to know is how to use it and how to follow a purpose with it. Because as much as passion can potentially destroy a life, it can lift one to glories. Because passion is a hard nut to crack but it’s worth it.
Stay passionate. Keep working. Cheers.

7 Things That Make Ted an Awesome Man

Theodore Evelyn Mosby.
You might have come across many posts about this guy probably always written by women about why they “luuurrveeee Teddy!” But this is something largely different because in the shoes of a bro, I see Ted more as a man from whom we can learn rather just a protagonist of two cute love stories.

1. There are many reasons why I think Ted is awesome and the first of them is, in spite of staying in the Godly presence of one Mr. Barney Stinson, he still chooses to stay Ted. Men generally admire and envy a guy when he chooses sex over love and indeed keeps ‘banging chicks’ at the top of his priority list. Such a guy is immediately imitated and followed by other bros. However,  Ted doesn’t give two fucks about how uncool he would look if he doesn’t do all the cool things that Barney does. He stays who he is and I don’t think there can be anything any more manly than staying who you are.

2. What I like more about this fine man is that although he knows that he is being vulnerable while telling every girl he meets that he loves her, he still says it. Out. Loud. Some might call it stupid but I will choose the word ‘brave’ to describe this behavior because putting your heart out like that to every girl just to check if she is the one which may go awfully wrong,  is indeed brave. And brave is man-ly.

3. Ted is an architect. It won’t have made him any less significant to me even if he was a plumber, a pizza delivery guy or a gym instructor. What matters is that he does some real work to earn his living unlike Barney who has enough money to spend on hoes even after buying tens of thousands of suits but probably has some shady career. For a man, working to feed himself and his family is one of the most prestigious things and Ted Mosby does the same exact thing.

4. Ted sure is looking for love and it breaks his heart every time he realizes that this girl isn’t the one. But he isn’t the mushy, pessimistic,  love-lorn guy who has age-old concepts about love. While he is looking for love,  he keeps scoring chicks. Hands down the manliest thing all bros would agree with.

5. Even after getting left at the altar like that fool, Ted still presses on to find someone whom he can fall in love with and marry. It’s just one perfect metaphor of how should even the worst of embarrassments and stumbling blocks not stop you from looking for what you have been looking for. It’s an essential attribute a man should posses. Its endurance.

6. When Ted decides that he wants to marry Tracy after all, he begins to worry. Remember how he sits with the gang at McLaren’s and says that he cannot buy the next round because he is saving for his wedding in France? Of course France doesn’t happen. However it is really sensible how he realizes that since he has someone to look after now,  he can’t pretend to be a carefree, single bloke anymore and he saves money and keeps worrying about it which is how a man who is about to start a family should behave.

7. Theodore Evelyn Mosby restores our faith in staying with our quirks, in being original,  even if it means asking out someone in a dramatic way with a blue french horn twice because instead of trying to be someone you aren’t to impress her, is better to stay whoever the fuck you are and let the right woman come by and enjoy your weirdness.

7 Easy Steps to Get Away With a Murder and Write an Amazing Crime Novel

1. Join a gym.

2. Send a facebook friend request to your victim.

3. Like all their posts and comment all the nice things on their photos (basically suck their dick) and chat with them and keep doing all that until you guys become real friends.

4. Call them over for a couple of beers. Then in a casual conversation tell them how has fitness become the need of the hour in this age of electronic technology where machines do all our works.

5. Keep sending them screenshots of Laser Angelo’s Instagram page and keep doing that until they say, “Man I want to join a gym.” The moment they say that, ask them to join your gym and pester them until they actually do.

6. Go for regular steam baths with them.

7. After a few days when you’re actually going to murder them, carry a pointy piece of ice in the steam bath and stab them before the ice melts.

Now the person you wanted dead is dead and since ice melts in the steam, there is no evidence of what murder weapon was used which apparently means no fingerprints which again apparently means you have gotten away with a murder.

Also, adding six more guys in the steam bath and making one of them look very shady is how Agatha Christie would have made a novel out of this post and earned millions. Just saying. You can try too.

India vs Australia: What Went Wrong

This post is only for those who are not content with India’s performance today, who are restless, and looking for answers.

Technically there might be a million things that went wrong for India in today’s World Cup game game against Australia but since there are a million cricket pundits in every single corner of our nation who can sit or stand caressing the hair on their bellies while explaining how should Rohit Sharma play the outswing instead of how he does, I’ll opt to stay away from it. Nor do I want to talk about what went wrong with Virat Kohli assuming that he might have lost some testosterone to Anushka Sharma the night prior to the match day which might in turn have made him a tad less aggressive on the field today because again,  there are another million Indian heads taking care of all that.

What went wrong in the very first place, I reckon, is having a very few experienced guys among the 16 men who were put on a plane and sent to Australia to retain the cricket World Cup. It began with our changed perspectives. In the very beginning,  before the contest had begun I had seen and heard many, many, many people say that defeating Pakistan would be an achievement more than enough to feel happy in this world cup because the team couldn’t play win with better teams, because, “this Indian team isn’t a world cup squad. Its just a team you have for any of those Asia Cup or VB Series matches.” It was a happy realisation. The truth. But the victories against Pakistan and South Africa along with an accomplice known as ‘mauka, mauka’ raised our hopes to unprecedented heights. This team wasn’t a world cup experienced side save for one or two blokes but winning seven games in a row made us overlook the fact and we thought we’d knock Australia down like we knocked the others. In final stages of large tournaments like the world cup however, you need an extra bit of experienced men on your team who can pull it together and tell others what’s what. It was therefore almost inevitable that with the team we had, we would face a huge defeat at some point in the tournament against a giant team. Misfortune was that the point came in the semi final when we had almost had the cup in sight.
Our batting and fielding was exceptionally well and I dare say, hands down the best of the best. So if there was anything that went anymore wrong, it was how we looked at our bowlers. Sure both the seamers and the spinners did well in all the seven games before this particular semi final. We were even glad to see the immense improvisation Ashwin had induced in his spin and the way the pace bowlers had begun to learn that there was something called a bouncer too. It was a good bowling attack and we bowled well against Pakistan, South Africa,  UAE, West Indies, Ireland, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. But did you ever notice that barring South Africa none of these teams have bouncy wickets back in their nations which can alternatively be stated as, “We were just playing a blindfolded game with the fast bowling and were successful in it’s seven times.”

Playing against the guys who have learnt the ABC of cricket on bouncy tracks however,  pushed our fast bowlers to their limits and then we saw how much we need to push the limit itself. The fast bowlers are doing a nice job sure and yet we have a long, long way to go before we can finally claim that we have a world-class fast bowling attack.
We played good cricket in Sydney today but in a big game like the one we had against Australia today, it is mandatory to be beyond good. To be great. And therefore despite our very very high expectations it was pretty clear, in fact obvious that even if we’d have managed to retain the cup, it would have put our bowlers in some delusion and opened Pandora’ s box. Winning the world cup with this team would have been sheer good luck. But thank God we didn’t. Thank God that our men can return home and do their homework so that when we set out in 2019 for the next world cup,  we can tweet with #We’llWinItBack and really do. Cheers.

Thoughts From The Road

This is an excerpt from my travel diary when I had been to a kind of remote village in the depths of India. I found it in one old bunch of papers and I think for a change,  you could read it too.

Have you ever been on long trips in distant, raw lands and seen the people and their kids and wondered what would they be like? Have you ever shot by almost empty fields in your car and seen one kid playing in the soil, all by himself, amusing his heart to the brown earth? And have you ever thought of him for a moment before turning your melancholy gaze on the other side of the road to try and think of the beauty of the mountains instead? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in those fields and never get to know the electric cities? Have you ever brooded over what a narrow world would that kid live in and grow up and die in? And what a narrow world would his parents, brothers and friends and uncles and aunts be content in? And then, for a brief moment, have you imagined being that kid, in that land, a poor peasant’s boy who knows nothing of schools and wondered whom would you have grown up to be? 
And has it saddened you? And the sight of that kid, now long gone, broken your heart and made you look around more intently to dig the life of those folks and find some raw happiness? 
And then have you just turned your head and just let go and felt helpless?  Have you?

A Girl Broke Up with Her Boyfriend and Here is His Unsent Letter to Her

This is a letter my friend wrote to his girlfriend after they broke up  their relationship of 4 years. He never posted it though and I found it a couple of weeks ago while looking up for some stuff in his closet. It amuses me to see how much he has had on his mind and I think this should reach out to her and to everyone out there because it is legit honest.

I don’t usually write letters like these, that is the personal ones. In fact I rarely write letters and when I do, they’re always official and have got something to do with my college. And yet I am writing this personal letter to you for reasons that I would disclose as I proceed.
In the very behinning, I must admit that I have not been nice to you even as a basic human being in the past couple of years. I feel sorry for it but I wouldn’t go in the details of how I cultivated this particular impolite behavior particularly towards you because it would be time consuming and is very likely to distract me from what I want to say. I have been rude, impolite and unjust to you. And yet, in all my certainty I can tell you that in my heart, I have always just loved you very dearly. I could have told you this over the phone but it sounds very different how I sound when I am talking on the phone than when I am writing because when I write in solitude,  I am more honest to myself than ever. You can therefore be very sure about and rely on the fact that whatever I am saying through this letter comes from my most natural instincts and feelings. Its very disturbing, almost distressing to retrospect on us and see what a swine of a person I have been. It isn’t the first time I have realized it, because fact is,  this dawned upon me a long time ago and now I might sound terrible,  but every time I tried changing myself for better, the rude, disrespectful behavior sprang back with a greater magnitude. Of course you saw it. You faced it. And I never thought it was a problem because I saw that you used to laugh it off. Of course you had your reasons and if one of those was to put me in a delusion that you were enjoying it, I think you hit the mark. So I never cared, so I only kept hurting you and so, many things went astray.  But I am not here to regret about what happened instead of what should have happened.
And in fact,  what really happened?  You changed. Not in an undesirable manner of course. You changed as easily and as naturally as the weather does in June. I am not being poetic here lest you would have reasons to believe so, all I am saying is you changed as naturally as people do over a matter of time. As a result, you grew weary of my disgraceful behavior and I don’t see why won’t have anyone grown weary of such an abusive boyfriend earlier,  maybe you had, but this time you said it and that made the difference. You said, “I don’t require you to insult me every moment of my life.” And thar struck me like an arrow. Apart from your remark that you didn’t require me which was already too bad to handle for me as a boyfriend what equally hurt me was the fact that you were finally tired of me which meant I had pushed you to your limits and I felt sorry for you. Of course the ego that resides within me like a giant kept me from telling you what I wanted to, and after a few days of being careless about the break up, I finally decided that I have to tell you everything I feel about us – through a letter.
And that thought has brought me this far to be able to tell you that I have accepted the fact that you have changed, you have grown mature and that I haven’t. I can’t force the change in me but I am trying real hard. In the mean time, I want you to know that our relationship hasn’t completely fallen apart. It won’t. It just needs a very little amount of time, the amount of time that we would need to figure out ways to get compatible again. But until then, I believe the best thing to do would be to cause as little menace as we can to each other lest we end up in ruins.
But all this can take any segment of time from this point to any other in the future and by then, you’ll already probably be in Canada, studying and graduating in some university, far away from the dimly lit, badly maintained and yet comfortable Park where we have been on dates, and have fought and made up equally innumerable times. That you’ll be in Canada makes me a tad insecure and knowing how much you love me, I reckon it would do the same to you but that won’t stand us a barrier from getting together again. Because tomorrow, I will stretch my arms farther, and in the process as I go on to become your man from your guy, I will reach out to you before you reach out to me. And that’s not because of the ego inside me. That’s just the love I have towards you speaking.
                                   In all honesty,

I am not a fan of love letters,  but this is a real deal. Hope these guys get what they want. Cheers.