Why I Keep Coming Back? (This Time With a Pout)

So while sipping some coffee in a coffee shop this evening I was wondering why some girls look like they’d go down on their knees any moment and no, not propose you but blow you till you feel heavenly and stop feeling heavenly and Mr. Wild Willy goes to sleep again (which by the way, is better than any kind of proposal.) The prime reason why this thought jet-skid across my mind was the two let-me-go-down-on-my-knees-and-then-down-on-you enthusiast lookalikes who sat a table away from me which was making me sad because if they really were what I thought they were, only the fittest would come up a winner in the battle to go down which would deprive me of the other’s blowing skills.
So anyway,  after wondering what could possibly be the reason that they looked like how my judgement anticipated them to be, I finally concluded three things:
1. They look like that because they do. It doesn’t really mean that they’re, let’s say, hoes. Some people look very shady and villainous in Agatha Christie’s books but they’re not what they look. On similar lines, even if these girls looked hungry for something that would be inappropriate to be given to them in a public place (read dick) they were actually only hungry for some French fries and tomato ketchup on their table. It’s a degrading treatment to think of a woman or moreover of any person in an inappropriate manner just because they look inappropriate. You cannot judge anyone on some thin evidence of judgement like a damn face.

2. Since I already judged them girls anyway, I must be half misogynist (a person who hates every bone in a woman’s body except his) and half whatever the fuck is it’s opposite.

3. If I write about this insignificant thought under the title ‘Why I Keep Coming Back’, which I just did, and if someone reads it till the end which God forbid, is going to be you, you have again been conned into reading something completely ordinary under the veil of extraordinary and as unrelated to the title as is Justin Bieber to the XY chromosome.
But then, you, dear reader, are also the reason why I keep coming back. You read this blog regardless of what a dick I am and regardless of whatever the fuck I put up. So keep reading. I love you.

And since you read it till the end, here is a little compesation for you, something to laugh at.


Some total asshole trying to pout. Haha.