Just Because I was Bored and I Love Weed

One little green thing
God once made,
Which can make throats sore
and turn eyes red.
But it has a magic
that can take you to the top,
On a wonderful ride of joy
which will never really stop.
This feeling it gives
is by far the best,
Helping you out of the abyss
making you crest.
It holds the mind
with a grip so strong,
Makes things slow
and you know life’s long.
Love sways and you know
there is nothing such as bad,
For every bitch seems weak
and none can make you mad.
There’s a kind of strength
that you get with the high,
It tells you to not give a fuck
to anything that stays under this sky.
And the girl who broke your heart
seems so very nice,
‘Cause then you know, Karma will sack her,
and she’ll be paying for her vice.
This state of mind
that helps you fly,
Stays like a friend
never letting you cry.
A little green thing
God once made,
this good Kush
when for happiness you prayed.