A Girl Broke Up with Her Boyfriend and Here is His Unsent Letter to Her

This is a letter my friend wrote to his girlfriend after they broke up  their relationship of 4 years. He never posted it though and I found it a couple of weeks ago while looking up for some stuff in his closet. It amuses me to see how much he has had on his mind and I think this should reach out to her and to everyone out there because it is legit honest.

I don’t usually write letters like these, that is the personal ones. In fact I rarely write letters and when I do, they’re always official and have got something to do with my college. And yet I am writing this personal letter to you for reasons that I would disclose as I proceed.
In the very behinning, I must admit that I have not been nice to you even as a basic human being in the past couple of years. I feel sorry for it but I wouldn’t go in the details of how I cultivated this particular impolite behavior particularly towards you because it would be time consuming and is very likely to distract me from what I want to say. I have been rude, impolite and unjust to you. And yet, in all my certainty I can tell you that in my heart, I have always just loved you very dearly. I could have told you this over the phone but it sounds very different how I sound when I am talking on the phone than when I am writing because when I write in solitude,  I am more honest to myself than ever. You can therefore be very sure about and rely on the fact that whatever I am saying through this letter comes from my most natural instincts and feelings. Its very disturbing, almost distressing to retrospect on us and see what a swine of a person I have been. It isn’t the first time I have realized it, because fact is,  this dawned upon me a long time ago and now I might sound terrible,  but every time I tried changing myself for better, the rude, disrespectful behavior sprang back with a greater magnitude. Of course you saw it. You faced it. And I never thought it was a problem because I saw that you used to laugh it off. Of course you had your reasons and if one of those was to put me in a delusion that you were enjoying it, I think you hit the mark. So I never cared, so I only kept hurting you and so, many things went astray.  But I am not here to regret about what happened instead of what should have happened.
And in fact,  what really happened?  You changed. Not in an undesirable manner of course. You changed as easily and as naturally as the weather does in June. I am not being poetic here lest you would have reasons to believe so, all I am saying is you changed as naturally as people do over a matter of time. As a result, you grew weary of my disgraceful behavior and I don’t see why won’t have anyone grown weary of such an abusive boyfriend earlier,  maybe you had, but this time you said it and that made the difference. You said, “I don’t require you to insult me every moment of my life.” And thar struck me like an arrow. Apart from your remark that you didn’t require me which was already too bad to handle for me as a boyfriend what equally hurt me was the fact that you were finally tired of me which meant I had pushed you to your limits and I felt sorry for you. Of course the ego that resides within me like a giant kept me from telling you what I wanted to, and after a few days of being careless about the break up, I finally decided that I have to tell you everything I feel about us – through a letter.
And that thought has brought me this far to be able to tell you that I have accepted the fact that you have changed, you have grown mature and that I haven’t. I can’t force the change in me but I am trying real hard. In the mean time, I want you to know that our relationship hasn’t completely fallen apart. It won’t. It just needs a very little amount of time, the amount of time that we would need to figure out ways to get compatible again. But until then, I believe the best thing to do would be to cause as little menace as we can to each other lest we end up in ruins.
But all this can take any segment of time from this point to any other in the future and by then, you’ll already probably be in Canada, studying and graduating in some university, far away from the dimly lit, badly maintained and yet comfortable Park where we have been on dates, and have fought and made up equally innumerable times. That you’ll be in Canada makes me a tad insecure and knowing how much you love me, I reckon it would do the same to you but that won’t stand us a barrier from getting together again. Because tomorrow, I will stretch my arms farther, and in the process as I go on to become your man from your guy, I will reach out to you before you reach out to me. And that’s not because of the ego inside me. That’s just the love I have towards you speaking.
                                   In all honesty,

I am not a fan of love letters,  but this is a real deal. Hope these guys get what they want. Cheers.


Why Gay Men Lose Respect From Straight Men


That’s why.
A couple of days ago I got a friend request from a guy on facebook and because there were no mutual friends between us at all, the first thought that went across my mind was that he must be one of my blogs’ readers from somewhere because yeah that happens a lot. I get friend requests from my readers and I do add them. And therefore, I added this guy too. So after a few messages about how I was and what was up with me, he began asking me about Kolhapur (that’s the city I live in) and said he was visiting the place soon and stuff. His rant went on about a million things  but there was no mention of the blog or reading or anything that could give me an idea about why did he send me a friend request. So I knew this bloke wasn’t a reader after all. Things began to look wrong when he began ‘waiting’ for his dear friend’s, that’s my, messages yesterday and a couple of hours ago when he told me that he was gay and had added me to see if he could get fucked, I could see just how gross and wrong things were.
I don’t have a problem with his being gay at all. And I won’t have posted this article with this title had he been just gay and not wanting me to play with him through the gloryhole. Other words, this post isn’t a hate speech lest you would have grounds to believe so. But since he said things that he shouldn’t have, I find it necessary to to tell all the male gay culture out there that it’s highly inappropriate to check your chances with a straight guy especially when you know that he is straight and wouldn’t want to have gay sex with you at all. I know one or two gay guys and I respect them as people because they’re respectable towards me and talk to me like any other person would. However the way this man approached me on facebook makes me feel a little skeptical about my friendship with those guys. Of course I know one person’s mistakes shouldn’t make me blame the community but look you guys are coming out and the world is accepting you. Even when a lot of  people are against the LGBT thing, there are others like me who support you. But the way some of you are talking to strangers who are straight guys is pretty appalling and downright vulgar.
Just because men are not little crying babies or because they don’t make much noise doesn’t make them valid to try out your chances on them. I respect everyone’s sexuality and I respect LGBT communities too. But respect, personal or about someone’s sexuality, is a two way process. It should come from you as much as it comes from me. The first step towards it would be stopping taking men for granted. And that goes out to everyone including women. Because when I told my girlfriend about what happened, this was her reaction: “You would have jumped in joy if it were a girl saying that.”
“Why do you think that?” I asked.
“Because guys are like that. It’s not just about you. Any guy would jump in joy if a girl texted him stuff like that”, she said.
Of course I would jump in joy and 80% guys would do the same because yeah banging chicks is quite a thing for guys sure. But why do you have to tag all guys as ‘sex hungry blokes frantically looking for a chance’ ? That’s not the case. Even if 80% guys would jump in joy, there are the rest of us who would sit down and hate that some girl is taking them for granted to have sex with her. Even I won’t want to bang a girl if she’s like this:


Yeah no guy can take that amount of silicon. No ways.

So stop assuming that men are a bunch of creatures with a stereotypical, sex-hungry mindset about them. And to the homosexual guy, learn to have some respect towards your straight fellows, bro.

The Making of a Man

It was one of those March evenings when the air is soothing in an unique fashion – like an elixir, miraculously healing the wrath of the hot day. It made him feel confident and he was glad in his mind for otherwise she could have seen through him, his shy, boyish manners being displayed naked to her. He looked at her. She was pacing to keep up with his brisk walk, but there was an air of disagreement about her – like she hated this idea of walking. And her walk was itself monotonous, almost mechanical as if she was being dragged against her wish.

“Are you exhausted?” he asked her out of concern. She didn’t seem to absorb the question quickly.

“No”, she said after pausing for a moment.

But of course he could clearly see that she wasn’t exhausted. She was bored of walking and he knew it but he feared that asking whether she was bored, he might induce a thin layer of boredom between them. He certainly didn’t want to do that.

“I’m exhausted, let us wait here for a while, shall we?” he asked.

“Sure”, she murmured.

Smiling to himself he stood there with his hands in his pockets, looking at the small pond that stood still in front of them. The water was very shallow and he wished it was deep. He wished to find a bird’s song in their immediate vicinity, or a flower somewhere in sight. He was just looking for signs of something, anything in fact that would make the scene romantic. But to his misfortune even when he kept looking for such signs of romance in the fading lights of the dusk, tiring his eyes while doing so, there seemed to be nothing of that sort. A trifle sad, he turned towards her. She was looking at him straight with tenderness and a very discreet form of passion in her eyes. But he could, in all his certainty, see it. He had known her closely as a friend only for over a couple of months, his unrequited love towards her however dated back to three years from now and all the knowledge of her that he had gained in these years, everything he could understand about her didn’t fail to confirm him that it was nothing but passion in her eyes. However, as he walked closer to her, he gulped at the temerity of his own thought. Unsure about whether or not should he hold her in his arms – for he loved her but could not claim her yet, he trembled while gripping her wrist. In that one moment, a moment which, it seemed she was waiting for, she put both her hands around his neck and looked intently at him to react, and at that very moment, as if fate wanted to amuse itself of their reactions, an approaching car brightened up there faces and sped by. It was gone before they knew it, but with it had gone the moment. She withdrew herself from him, half embarrassed and half clueless about what should she say.

He was quiet, but he couldn’t conceal from her the immense pleasure he was enjoying for now he knew that she wanted it. He knew that all the time while he was looking at the pond, she had been craving for it. He felt as if the burden of impressing her, the burden he had carried for three years was shed off. His efforts had bore fruits. There was suddenly a careless attribute about him – of a particular type that men have when they deal with women. 

“Do you want to kiss?” he asked in a vaguely rough tone destroying the unspoken finesse they had woven between them in all this while. 

“No…”, she stammered, surprised the boldness he possessed all of a sudden. She was jealous of him for having the courage to say it out loud, and at the same time she admired how he wasn’t shy anymore like he was moments ago.

“You wouldn’t want to regret this moment later”, he said in a confident tone, almost rude as if only she wanted to kiss, as if he was doing her a favor by letting her a chance to do it, but of course he didn’t realize it. However, she could sense and see the man’s pride in him and she hated it. She hated the way he treated her the since the minute he knew that she wanted him and she hated how he had ruined the tenderness of the moment. She despised the man that rose inside him in one moment, killing his boyish charm and his efforts to please her. It was painful to her. And yet, above everything else, she wanted to kiss him. As she submissively plunged forward in his arms and put her mouth to his, she molded something that was always going to hurt her, she made him a man in his heart. The kind of man women mention when they say, “All men are the same.”