An Open Letter to Shah Rukh Khan

Dear SRK,
Hello and happy birthday. Before I begin, let me tell you who I am not. I’m not a movie buff and therefore not a typical Indian fan of yours who is writing you a delirious, hyped birthday-letter. I’m not even a Salman or Aamir-fan who is going to criticize you just because it’s your birthday. I’m not an agitated Indian who always wants to show the world how you’re politically incorrect either. And I’m not writing this just for the sake of it. I honestly wish that you would come across this letter somehow and read it.
Though not your fan, I have always admired some of your movies and I believe no one could have done those better than you. For example, Chak De! India. It is one of the few substantial movies you ever did because besides rejuvenating India’s national game and showcasing a man’s struggle to win back his lost honor like never before, the movie focused on gender equality without even once using the word ‘feminism’. It was an important message that the movie conveyed and had you not acted so brilliantly in it helping it reach out to all the people and not just your fans, we would have missed that message. On similar lines, Swades was another movie in which you were flawless. I also admire your earliest movies like Darr, Baazigar and DDLJ to name a few. It holds a different reason though. When an artist is honestly devoted to his art, it is always visible to everyone who comes across it and in all your movies circa the late nineties, you always had that devotion all over your face and it was very appealing. That’s what I basically admired about you, that’s why in spite of being a very boring movie, I can still watch Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa any given day and not fall back on the couch and sleep. And perhaps, that is the reason why right since the day your first film Baazigar was released, you have always only won hearts.
But in this gradual process of beginning from a TV serial like Fauzi to go on and become the King Khan of the Indian cinema, there was some point in the very recent years where you seem to have let the success get inside your head and the head, up in the skies. Since then, there is a kind of arrogant pride about you which is clearly visible, just like the honesty was in the former years. Back then, you deified art. Today, you seem to be trying to defy it. The certainty of my assertion is the fact that you opt to do movies like Happy New Year or Chennai Express because you know very well that even if the movie hasn’t got a story, even if you don’t act, you’ll anyway fetch anything above 200 crore rupees just because there is a SRK factor in the movie. That’s what I call defying the art. It’s insidious. A film without a story and with SRK can be commercially successful once or twice but if you go on doing such films deliberately, you’re riding for a fall.
More concerning is the state of your fans. They love you and would do anything to defend you. So when a movie like Happy New Year is criticized for it’s rubbish by the sane-class, your fans defend the rubbish in spite of knowing that it is rubbish. If this continues, we would see your fans taking a stand for all the insignificant, implausible things you do and becoming insignificant themselves in a matter of time.
You’re smart and old enough to figure out things and get them in order so there’s no need for me to be an egghead and suggest you what you should do about this. Happy birthday again.

Best regards,
Just Some Guy.