Flicker in a Glass

Girl you’ve gotten me whipped
Ah boozing ain’t ever got me so tripped
You know when we hold hands
And you’re quiet and shy
And when you look at me like that, baby
You tame me,
you don’t even have to try

You were one in the shell
In the walls made of glass
Trapped like a flicker, looking for a way
With things in your heart and no one to tell
But now I’ve got your hold
And I’mma keep us going long as we don’t die old

You’ve gotten me swooning, love
Oh how you control that verve
There’s a million things you say with your smile
And when you shoot it at me
Its enough, oh so enough
To walk six feet high for a while

You were one in the shell
In the walls made of glass
Trapped like a flicker, looking for a way
With things in your heart and no one to tell
But now we’re alright
You can shine on me all day all night. ❤


A Reply to “My Choice”

I am reposting this article which I had written circa July last year. This is a sarcastic response to Deepika Padukone’s My Choice video on YouTube that relates feminism and liberalism to things that do not make sense. I  respect women as much as I respect men and am not here to offend any lady and if you feel offended in spite of  this explanation, you are one of those feminists who are on the wrong track.

Last night I had a crazy dream in which I was born with the XX chromosome in the 21st Century and was a follower of the  neo-feminism. This is how free and powerful I felt:

Yes! I’m a woman. So what if I’m stupid? So what if I have a huge ego? So what if I make mistakes? So what if I make huge mistakes? So what if I dumped my 3 years’ boyfriend for another guy whose smile is cute? I have a lot of choices. I’m a woman. I’m confident. I’m real. I’m outgoing, sharp, witty and humorous. So what if no one else calls me that? I believe in myself. I’m beautiful. I represent my gender so I think it’s important not only to raise my voice, but also to keep it raised even over petty issues. I have cheated twice in my relationship and I have the guts to accept it. I’m not a bitch, I’m not a slit and don’t you dare me call that! I’m a woman. I’m impatient and demanding. I want my man to be a gentleman. TDH. So what if I’m fat? Real men go for curves. Real men are sartorial. My man has to dress up like a real man. I don’t like wearing my bra sometimes. I’m just lazy. I love chocolates. I love flowers. I love being pampered. I love everything that the internet says should be loved by women. My man should buy me everything that I desire. He should be capable. After all he is going to be MY MAN! 
I’m ambitious. I deserve respect even though I haven’t done anything worth it because I am a woman. I’m free. Free to live, free to love, free to make mistakes, free to do what I want. No rules can keep me shackled. So what if I drove in the opposite direction on a one way road? I’m a woman. How do you expect me to know all the boring traffic rules? Look at me, I’m so tired of having to drive, can’t you just let me go ahead of you? Where is your respect for women? Show it now! 
I’m from Venus. All women are from Venus and men are from Mars. I love using that line even though I don’t understand what it means. All men are the same. They want sex. Even if they say and prove that they love a woman, I know they want sex. I want sex too. I need to meet my bodily demands. But if men say that, it’s just another excuse to get laid. I don’t trust men. I’m sexy because I feel sexy. I’m hot, you’re not. So what if that sounds rude? I have freedom of thought. I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend but don’t you call me a whore. Because I later felt terrible about it and wrote an article on ThoughtCatalog about how terrible I felt. I want a nice wedding. That’s every girl’s dream. But I want to have a lot of fun before that. My boyfriend should stay loyal to me if he wants to marry me. But Neal is so alluring and rich. I’m just confused between these two guys. I don’t know who is better for me. I love Twilight. It’s so cute because even when Bella is confused between two guys, both of them love her madly. Why can’t that happen to me? I’m sweet and simple. I’m complicated. That’s why my boyfriend doesn’t understand me. I don’t even love him and he thinks we’d get married. Oh God! Did I just say that? Shit. Shit. Shit. Actually I want someone better because I deserve better. I’m a 21st century woman. This is feminism, this is us and all you men are sexists, and I can say that in your face. Yes! I’m a woman. 

And the dream ended there. *sigh*

Why You Shouldn’t Fake a Selfie

There must be a million posts on the internet about how to click a selfie and a million more about how to not click a selfie. But there isn’t any guideline about why you shouldn’t fake a selfie.
I am not an expert in this region but I came across something that should have taught this woman why she shouldn’t fake a selfie the hard way and I thought this has to reach you blokes.

Love At First Sight

Its been exactly one year since the glorious golden days of my life started. Exactly a year since I saw her for the first time.
It was the first day of my maths class. The rain was pouring heavily and I had been to the class eons early lest I might make a bad impression in the prof’s books right since day one. There was no one at the class except the professor and another student, a girl. The prof was busy and the girl, beautiful.
So very nonchalantly, I went over to her desk and introduced myself, like any other guy would have. But like any other girl would have, she chose to keep her eyes on her books and muttered a “hi” that was barely audible. I felt quite uneasy because I had never anticipated this cold reaction and stood there like a fool not knowing what to say. But because the prof saw that I was trying to talk to the girl and because he thought our time could be better employed to solve a seemingly difficult problem of parabola until the rest of the class arrived, he said, “Solve the equation on page 138 of your books.” Then, with a sly grin,  he added, “Let’s see who solves it first. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Thereby making us feel like we were in a benign, micro-version of the Hunger Games. Then he left the classroom for a while increasing the uneasiness between the girl and me to an unprecedented height.
So I located a seat and decided to concentrate on the arithmetic problem and forget the girl. It was only a few minutes since I had begun to solve the parabola equation that I thought I was going wrong somewhere and that I needed to verify my answer before getting any further. Of course there was only one person in the class whom I could ask about it.
So very cautiously, I stammered, “Hey…”
She looked up at me with a spark in her eyes. In that brief moment,  God sent oceans of love in my life. I had my answer verified. And then, I also got the answer to the most important question in my life.
Who will be the one? Who will send me miles up in the sky with just a glance? Who will hold my hand for the eternal journey? Whom will I love all that I can?
When I saw the spark in her eyes, I knew the answer: this girl.

Also, happy April Fool’s Day assholes. When I write mushy stuff, its probably never true. Anyway, keep reading. Cheers.