Rack Your Brains

I just thought of writing this down. But first allow a whimsical man that I am to warn you of what this is not about.This post isn’t anything that you can call amazing or outstanding. It is in fact just a small writing goal that I wish to attain. Can you find out what is so unusual about this post? I think writing this is tough and if you look at this standing in my boots, you might nod at my thought. ‘Boots’ should throw you a hint and in fact it has. It is all about if you can catch it or not.
You can rack your brains but until you finally jump in joy cracking this, what am I going to do? If I wish forward towards having a satisfactorily good way of comforting my mind, I think I’d go for music. But look at you! I cannot, in any of my worst imaginations, think of abandoning you in such a bad situation. But you too, in any of your imaginations – good, bad or ugly, cannot possibly know how tough it is to jot down this thing. I was sitting in my room without anything to do and a funny thought of writing this post sprang from a crazy part of my mind. I’m not patting my back but look, if you ask any random thirty-two guys to do what I’m doing right now, I don’t think all of your thirty-two smarty-pants can carry it this far. ‘Thirty-two’ is again a hint. I’m strongly having a notion that this might turn out as a gross but still a brilliant post. But wait, I shouldn’t boast. It sounds bad and stupid right? But that’s not important right now. If anything is, it is your brain. Work on it! If I’m writing this without much difficulty, going through it without much difficulty, going through it with two hints to find a tiny solution shouldn’t look so tough.
Is this boring you? I thought so. I won’t play such silly ‘rack your brains’ with you again but for now, will you quickly say ‘I quit’ so that I can, with utmost joy of winning, stop irritating you and finish this?
Okay, this post, as far as this point ‘.’ has been written without using the most commonly used English letter ‘e’ and the most commonly used word ‘the’.