Soap And Some Chemicals

This poem is based on a fan theory that says Tyler Durden from Fight Club goes on to become The Joker from The Dark Knight.

I remember the day.

“Do you know him? They say he was born in an asylum”, says Bob.

His words come from a distance,

A copy of a copy of a copy.
My ear still hurts.

Pain is liberation.

I smile at Bob.

He knows.
And that’s how it started

They all knew.

And the more they expected it from me,

The more I had to be.
Today if you ask me about it,

I would just smile.

You won’t ask again.

But it will sink in you after a while.
After that project,

The little, fancy antic of mine

I was at peace.

I could even sleep just about fine.
Then you failed me.
What can one fall do to a man? Nothing.

You took my home. Nothing.

You took my job and it in turn took my wife.

And then what? Nothing.

I took three falls and nothing.
Then you robbed me

And left me in the dark.

I stumbled and fell.

One more time.
What can one fall do to a man? That one did.

It bleached me.

The Lazarus Pit.

Did I change? Nonsense!

It just brought me back those lost colors of youth.
And since, I’m trying to do

What I did then.

Only my hair isn’t blonde anymore. It’s green.

Only this time, I do it in Gotham

Which is infested by bats.
I’m just a mischievous boy.

You can ignore me because I won’t kill you.

All I’ll do is hurt you really, really bad.
But you don’t know this story. You don’t know my story.

Why? Because I’m probably talking in my head.

No one knows it.

I myself wouldn’t have either.

But I know it, because Tyler knows it.